We appreciate that you are visiting our website. We hope you are provided the information necessary to help you with your questions and concerns.

Our firm is a Branch Office of our Broker Dealer Osaic Wealth, Inc.

While Osaic Wealth acts in a compliance and regulatory capacity, we are all independent representatives.

This independence, to us, is an important element to our practices, as this structure allows us an non-biased discovery and investment selection process.

This objectivity is important, in that we strive to create a personalized plan that fits your specific financial, investment or insurance needs, without pressure from a corporate entity.

Additionally, we as a group of six advisors represent over 125 years of independent experience, which allows our firm to function as a good “think tank.”  When we couple combined knowledge of our advisors with a dedicated and experienced office staff, we feel a long standing generational-client relationship develops.

Our Goal

“We always strive to answer the phone, answer the question, and deliver promised services in a timely manner.” - See Commitment To Service- tab

So, as you tour our site, keep in mind that there are a multitude of products and services to choose from; our goal is to help you implement the best possible solution, for you, your family and your business.